A Response to ACC Members About Immigration

Our recent blog on “How Immigrants Boost the USA Economy” generated a number of responses, mostly favorable to the theme of the blog that suggests immigrants are helping to grow America’s economy, not hurt it.

However, several members noted that our use of the term “illegal immigrants” as opposed to using the term “undocumented immigrants” contributes to a negative perception of all immigrants.

We appreciate your feedback and bringing this matter to our attention.

It’s an excellent suggestion, and we will use the term “undocumented immigrants” in the future because it is both factual and nonjudgmental.

It should also be noted that ACC’s Board of Directors recently met to approve a modification of the ACC Bylaws that will allow “any resident of the United States who has purchased or used a major consumer product in the past three years to be eligible for membership…”

The significance of this Bylaw Amendment goes directly to the need to help undocumented immigrants establish a financial footing in the United States and become eligible to join one of our participating credit unions, provided they meet the credit union’s membership criteria. This is an important step for helping immigrants become full participants in the financial industry and contribute directly to the growth of our economy and the furtherance of consumerism.

Also, ACC recently added a Spanish version of our website in response to the thousands of Spanish-speaking members across the country who have joined ACC.

As our membership surpasses 400,000 individuals, we welcome people of all backgrounds and nationalities as members of ACC within the framework of our Bylaws, and we will continue to take steps to be a more inclusive nonprofit organization, and responsive to your needs and recommendations.

Thank you.
Thomas Hinton
President & CEO
American Consumer Council

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