How Immigrants Boost the USA Economy

Are Illegal Immigrants Boosting the American Economy? If So, What’s the Real Issue to Approving Their Immigration?

The old game of “telephone” is in play when it comes to that old adage many Americans have heard before that goes like this: “Immigrants are taking our jobs!” But wait! Is that really true, or just a worn-out phrase that anti-immigrants are saying to put pressure on Congress and the president to close down the borders and stop illegals from coming into the United States? It’s a serious question that merits a candid discussion based on facts, not fear and falsehoods.

You may be surprised to learn that when it comes to illegal immigrants “taking away our jobs,” it’s simply not true. In fact, studies are showing that just the opposite is true! Surprisingly, a significant number of illegal immigrants are boosting the American economy and taking jobs that natural-born American citizens don’t want and won’t apply for!

With about 42% of registered American voters showing concern over border enforcement—with many revealing they believe it to be not only a serious crisis, but the number one issue as we approach the November General Election — it’s ironic that illegal immigrants in the United States are fueling consumer spending and benefitting the economy. Nonetheless, some foundational issues still exist such as strengthening border protection, updating the laws that control the Immigration process, hiring more enforcement officers, and judges to reduce the

Here are the facts you need to know about illegal immigrants working in America:

Illegal Immigrants Take Jobs Americans Don’t Want

One major benefit of illegal immigrants working in the United States is that many opt for taking jobs that many Americans do not prefer. This includes the following jobs:

  • Agriculture
  • Labor force
  • Construction
  • Transportation
  • Personal/other services
  • Hospitality/leisure
  • Manufacturing
  • And more

Economic experts state they expect the economy to keep growing due in part to the economic contributions of undocumented immigrants in 2024. Additionally, these same economic experts shared that the absence of foreign-born labor would cause a decline in the United States workers due to lower birth rates and the historically low unemployment rates.

Boosting Job Market Without Affecting Inflation

Illegal immigrants are positively affecting the job market. However, some may find it surprising that they are not affecting inflation. Economists believe the post-pandemic surge in illegal immigration is a key reason why the economy continues to grow.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported over 303,000 payrolls were added in March 2024. Typically, when this occurs, inflation increases. However, this is not the case in 2024. When employers are faced with supply and demand, more workers may need to be hired. If not enough workers are available, they are forced to increase pay, which then increases the daily costs to run the business. But, illegal immigrants are willing to work for lower wages and this, in turn, helps small business owners maintain a reliable workforce without raising their prices.

Because of the surge of illegal immigrants arriving in the United States, it has helped businesses fill work roles at lower levels of pay. This has greatly helped inflation not to be affected. Due to the surge in immigration, businesses can utilize a new labor force that is willing to take on jobs many Americans no longer want, while also allowing the businesses to meet growing supply and demand needs—and they can do so without significantly increasing their wages to compete for new employees.

Pros and Cons of Illegal Immigrant Workers

Although it may seem obvious, many pros and cons of immigrant workers exist. It is imperative to understand both sides of the narrative as immigrant workers are becoming more prevalent in the United States. This not only affects the labor market, but also social services, housing demands, medical needs, and creating ways for illegal immigrants to open checking and savings accounts at their local banks and credit unions.

Here are the pros and cons of illegal immigrant workers:


The pros of illegal immigrants working in America include the following:

  • Provides a noticeable boost to state, local and national economies.
  • Creates more diversity.
  • Reduces the costs of deportation.
  • Eliminates costs of childcare for legal children.
  • Allows Americans to select from jobs of preference.


The cons of illegal immigrants working in America include the following:

  • Many illegal immigrants are less educated. This can create long-term economic hardships.
  • Many illegal immigrants fall into a lower-income demographics that might stress state and local social services.
  • Creates a possible ongoing security threat.
  • Changes dynamics of employment—correlation to depressed wages.
  • Overcrowding—not enough jobs for everyone.

Bottom Line

Although many Americans have their opinion on why illegal immigration is not good for the country, the facts and data prove otherwise. Not only are illegal immigrants restabilizing and growing our economy, but they are also not causing inflation to increase as it might normally with legal workers who must be lured from Europe and Asia.

The American Consumer Council (ACC) recently approved a provision in its Bylaws to allow for Immigrants – regardless of their legal status – to become members. As a result, more immigrants are joining ACC to qualify for membership in over 135 credit unions across the nation. While banks and credit unions have their own membership and/or customer approval process, ACC believes this is an important first-step in helping immigrants realize their version of the American Dream, and begin to contribute to the growth of the American economy through our financial institutions.

Illegal immigrants opt for positions many Americans do not want, and at a lower cost. Their contribution to the country and economy has greatly impacted America’s overall success while, at the same time, raising alarms that the southern border is out of control and the federal government needs to do more to reduce the flow of illegals into the country and expedite the review process. Ironically, this has been a battle cry for Democrats and Republicans since the 1984 presidential election. So, both parties can be faulted.

Although some cons do exist, after a careful review of the facts, the pros heavily outweigh the cons, at least from an economic perspective. And, the proof is in the economic pudding!

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