2024 Outlook Remains Positive for American Consumers

The American Consumer Council (ACC) and our state consumer councils are excited about 2024. Based on our country’s economic performance so far, we are holding to our prediction that 2024 will be a very positive year for American consumers, with an economic growth rate of 3.1 percent.

ACC’s national membership has swelled to nearly 400,000 consumers as of March 1st, and we have also expanded our membership reach to include new members in 12 countries in Europe and four countries in Asia.

It should come as no surprise that consumers around the world seek reliable products and services as well as fair treatment from mega-companies, small businesses, and government agencies.
In an era of timely just-in-time deliveries and rapid response to the needs and wants of consumers, the American Consumer Council is working hard to champion several key issues that impact consumers.

Among our top priorities are these three:

Airline Complaints. ACC is seeking compensation and redress for consumers who are negatively affected by the continued poor performance by several major domestic airlines in the United States, and their resistance to treat affected passengers fairly with reimbursements or compensation for missed flights, mechanical delays and other issues that are clearly the fault of the airlines. This is a nagging problem that the airlines pretend to address with “we’re sorry for your troubles” emails, but they are not addressing most legitimate consumer complaints in good faith despite their record profits and exorbitant ticket prices. This continues to be one of our top concerns and issues. Interestingly, at the other end of the spectrum, cruise lines are doing a great job for serving consumers and creating memorable experiences!

Auto recalls. While many of the auto recalls we have addressed our not life-threatening, they are clearly a disruption and inconvenience to consumers. ACC is working with the auto industry to promote higher quality standards and encourage a “build-it-right-the-first-time” culture.

Lowering Prescription Drug Prices. You’ve probably noticed the flood of television advertisements that tout the “latest-greatest” drug for every ailment under the sun. While we applaud the advancements that pharmaceutical companies are making to help consumers stay healthy, we also believe these companies have a moral obligation to charge consumers a fair price for their drugs and medications. ACC is a strong supporter of empowering Medicare to negotiate fair drug prices, and we encourage Congress to get aboard this pressing issue.

As we approach the end of the first quarter of 2024, we are optimistic about the economy and the job market for Americans. We realize this is an election year, and we encourage every American citizen to register to vote and exercise their right to vote. It’s among our most sacred and precious rights.

Much is at stake in this year’s election. Regardless of your political affiliation, I hope we can find a way to come together on pressing issues that will strengthen our democracy and our national economy.

With the support of our members, 57 consumer council chapters, corporate sponsors, and credit union partners, we are making great strides to fulfill our mission and advance the work of ACC.
We look forward to your continued participation and support in the coming months as we plan for our annual meeting on August 23rd.

Thomas Hinton
President & CEO
American Consumer Council

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